The Charges We Defend

Dedicated, firm, creative and bilingual defence of Criminal CodeControlled Drugs and Substances ActHighway Traffic ActCustoms ActExcise Act and other offences in the Ontario Court of Justice, Superior Court of Justice, Court of Appeal and Provincial Offences courts throughout Ontario.

Offences committed on or near the Highway 401 corridor and at international border crossings at Cornwall, Ogdensburg, Lansdowne and the Ottawa International Airport are one of the focuses of our defence practice, including impaired driving, dangerous driving, criminal negligence, stunt driving, drug possession/possession for the purpose of trafficking/importing, firearms offences, failing to report goods, liquor and tobacco offences, immigration offences, and seizures of vehicles, goods and money. 

We maintain a dedicated criminal & regulatory defence law website where you'll find lots more answers to your questions and details about ways we can help you:

Our Defence Approach and Fees

Dedicated, firm, creative and bilingual sums up our criminal defence client-focussed approach to securing the optimal outcome in every criminal case we're retained on. We have local knowledge of the courts, prosecutors, judges and legal precedent, and are one of few defence firms in Ontario where all our lawyers can defend you in either French or English. We don't charge extra for travel anywhere in Ontario for your criminal and regulatory defence work, and all our fees are flat block fees. 

The Results We Can Obtain for You

Ways we can help you avoid jail or large financial penalties, the stigma of a criminal record, and generally sleep better at night include:

  • advising you on whether you should say anything to the police;
  • helping you make bail to get out of jail after being arrested on a charge;
  • getting your seized items back;
  • appearing court in your place;
  • obtaining and analysing full disclosure of the case against you;
  • negotiating with the prosecutor to obtain the optimal outcome for you should you want to resolve your case;
  • going to trial for you to secure your acquittal;
  • making sentencing submissions to minimize any sanctions imposed on you, stressing discharges rather than convictions, suspended sentences rather than fines, fines rather that periods in custody, and custodial terms served on weekend or at home in the community rather than straight time in jail;
  • taking your case before an appeal court like the Ontario Court of Justice (for provincial offences appeals) Ontario Superior Court of Justice (for summary conviction appeals), Ontario Court of Appeal (for indictable appeals), or Supreme Court of Canada (for appeals from a province's highest appellate court) if you're unsatisfied with a trial or appeal outcome.

The Criminal and Regulatory Defence Lawyers

Gordon Campbell, the firm's senior barrister and managing lawyer, is author of three criminal law books and editor of a Carswell newsletter on regulatory offences, served as a Federal Crown Prosecutor, Assistant Crown Attorney, provincial offences prosecutor and legal advisor to the Ontario Provincial Police, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Military Police Complaints Commission and municipal police services on investigations, statement taking, search and seizure, and charge drafting. He now advocates for private clients charged with serious federal and provincial offences at trial and on appeal up to the level of the Supreme Court of Canada.

Karen Kernisant holds a degree in translation as well as degree in common and civil law, and is very able in her defence of clients in both French and English. 

The Dedicated Criminal & Regulatory Defence Website

At you'll find more detailed information about the firm's criminal and regulatory defence services, the process and philosophy of a successful defence, and about Eastern Ontario and Toronto courthouses, jails and border crossings - including why you might need to go to more than one courthouse on different days for similar charges.

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