Gordon is the Senior Barrister and Managing Lawyer of Aubry Campbell MacLean. Now in his third decade of legal practice, he's successfully conducted hundreds of trials and appeals up to the level of the Supreme Court of Canada. He offers clients creative and effective solutions to their contentious legal challenges, both in and out of court, and advises on public law matters including immigration, Indigenous, environmental and tax law.

He's author of three law books: The Investigator’s Legal Handbook (Thomson Carswell: 2006; 2nd ed. 2014) and Le manuel juridique de l’enquêteur (Les éditions Yvon Blais: 2010), and co-editor of RegQuest: Regulatory Offences and Compliance Newsletter (Thomson Carswell). He also writes the law blog The Barrister Brief. 

The Immigration, Citizenship & Customs Practice

Gordon provides his clients with sound and timely advocacy to enter, work, study and live in Canada, drawing on his years of experience inside the Government of Canada advising the Department of Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada (IRCC), Department of Global Affairs Canada (DGAC), Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), APEC, OECD and UN on immigration and trade issues.

He especially assists clients with the more complex aspects of immigration law, including Immigration Appeals (sponsorships, residency obligations, removal orders), Admissibility Hearings, Detention Reviews, Refugee Claims & Refugee Appeals at the Immigration & Refugee Board, and judicial reviews & appeals of IRB and Ministerial decisions before the Federal Court, Federal Court of Appeal & Supreme Court of Canada. He also prepares complex immigration applications, including Labour Market Impact Assessments & responds to Inadmissibility challenges such as through applications for criminal rehabilitation.

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On trade and customs issues Gordon deals with: tariff classification and preferences; origin determination; valuation for duty; free trade agreements; duty relief; security programs; regulatory compliance; audits, seizures, forfeitures and penalties; foreign corruption laws; voluntary disclosures; export & import permit controls, including permit and licence exemptions under Export and Import Permits Act and its Export Control List, Import Control List & Area Control List; economic sanctions under the Special Economic Measures Act and United Nations Act; customs appeals; advocacy before the Canadian International Trade Tribunal, Federal Court of Appeal and Supreme Court of Canada. 

The Civil, Property & Business Litigation and Appeals Practice

Gordon represents clients in civil litigation trial and appeal proceedings, including for Ontario Superior Court of Justice commercial, estates, real property, contracts, bankruptcy, labour & employment, and Small Claims Court disputes.

He also appears before the Federal Court concerning claims involving the Government of Canada or for aeronautics, marine, or other matters of Federal jurisdiction. 

He's results-oriented in achieving for clients optimal outcomes in settling their disputes at expenditures proportionate to the value of civil claims.

Gordon's extensive appeals practice has included the Court of Appeal for Ontario, Nova Scotia Court of Appeal, Newfoundland and Labrador Court of Appeal, Ontario Divisional Court and Superior Court of Justice, the Federal Court & Federal Court of Appeal, and the Supreme Court of Canada. In addition to accepting appeal mandates from clients directly, he's called upon by trial counsel to assist their clients at appellate levels, and respects all referrals.

The Farm, Agriculture & Agri-Business Practice

Gordon has served as legal counsel to Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, the Canada Border Services Agency, and Environment Canada. He lives on a farm in rural Ontario, and acts for individuals and businesses on farm disputes, regulatory matters, farm transactions, and farm immigration. 

He especially works with those involved in the Farm and Agri-Business sector to resolve disputes with government and private parties. 

The Family Law Practice

Gordon acts for clients experiencing family change on separation, divorce, support and custody issues. He offers "No Fear" family law, where all possible outcomes will be explained, and you can be confident you'll have a strong ally in your family lawyer throughout any negotiation, trial court or appeal process. He receives referrals from trial family counsel to act for their clients on appeals of interlocutory orders to the Ontario Divisional Court and final orders to the Court of Appeal for Ontario. 

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The Criminal & Professional Conduct Defence Practice

Gordon has acted on cases from first degree murder, to drug importation conspiracies, to complex frauds. He built his criminal and regulatory courtroom experience serving as a Federal Crown Prosecutor in five provinces and one territory, and as Criminal-Constitutional Issues Coordinator for Justice Canada's Ontario Regional Office. He is author of the leading The Investigator's Legal Handbook serious of books, and has spent many years training criminal and regulatory investigators on the legal requirements of their jobs. 

A significant portion of his defence practice involves representing professionals facing administrative misconduct & civil negligence proceedings. In addition to appearing before professional conduct panels for diverse professions, he has served as a Member Representative to the RCMP defending police officers and civilians on disciplinary, competence, health & administrative proceedings throughout Canada, and as legal counsel and a director of investigations at the Military Police Complaints Commission.

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The Indigenous & Environmental Law Practice

Gordon conducts an Indigenous law practice throughout Canada focusing on First Nations litigation and negotiations issues, including s. 35 Constitution Act, 1982 Aboriginal and treaty rights cases, Comprehensive, Specific and Special claims, and consultation & accommodation involving development projects. His precedent-setting Indigenous rights cases and negotiations have attracted national attention. He's served as a negotiator with Indigenous & Northern Affairs Canada, and counsel with Justice Canada. 

Gordon's environmental law practice deals with federal and provincial land, water and air regulatory issues throughout Ontario, focusing on negotiation and litigation solutions to government regulation. He’s served as legal counsel to Environment & Climate Change Canada, Fisheries & Oceans Canada, Parks Canada and litigated environmental cases up to the level of the Supreme Court of Canada.

The Tax Practice

Gordon has served as a Federal Crown tax prosecutor and legal advisor to the Canada Revenue Agency. His tax litigation practice involves firm and effective representation before the Canada Revenue Agency, Tax Court of Canada, Federal Court of Appeal, and provincial courts for Income Tax Act, Excise Tax Act (HST/GST), Excise Act, and provincial tax matters. He actively engages with tax authorities to arrive at negotiated solutions regardless of whether you have rejected deductions, non-filing, or unreported income problems, while not hesitating to place disputes before the courts when a negotiated solution is not possible.

Gordon's Support Team

Yael Benyair, Law Clerk - All New Client Intake • Immigration Law • Trade & Customs Law • Indigenous Law • Environmental Law • Animal Law - extension "0"

Nancy Hamelin, Law Clerk - Civil, Administrative, Business, Estates & Small Claims Dispute Resolution & Litigation • Criminal Defence • Professional Conduct • Tax Law • Appeals & Judicial Reviews • Family Law - extension "2"

Marthe Diguer, Director of Operations for Firm - extension "6"


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