The firm operates throughout Ontario and Canada depending on the legal services required

The geographic scope of our practice includes:

All of Ontario

  • Solicitor services

    • residential & commercial real estate

    • corporate-commerical business law

    • wills & estates

    • farm, agriculture & agri-business law

  • Barrister court, tribunal & dispute resolution services

    • family law

    • criminal defence

    • civil litigation including business, insurance, property, estates and small claims involving applications, actions, trials, appeals and judicial reviews

    • professional conduct law & employment law

    • farm, agriculture & agri-business law

All of Canada

  • immigration & citizenship law

  • Federal Court, Federal Court of Appeal, and Supreme Court of Canada litigation, including judicial reviews and appeals

  • Federal boards and tribunals litigation

  • appeals

  • trade & tax law

  • Indigenous law

  • environmental law

  • constitutional law

  • maritime, boating and water law

  • aviation law

  • Public law and regulatory advice, negotiations & litigation

Central location of firm's offices

The firm's offices are conveniently located close to the Nation's Capital for effective access to all its courts, tribunals and headquarters of government departments, as well as being close to the Quebec-Ontario border for Quebec-based clients with legal needs in Ontario, and only a day trip from Toronto or Montreal. All lawyers practice in both French and English.

We most often provide litigation services at the Ontario Court of Justice and Superior Court of Justice in Alexandria, Cornwall, L'Orignal, Brockville, Ottawa, Toronto and Thunder Bay, plus at the Divisional Court in Ottawa and Toronto, the Court of Appeal in Toronto, the Federal Court, Tax Court, Federal Court of Appeal and Supreme Court of Canada in Ottawa, and at the Immigration and Refugee Board in Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto. 

No extra travel charges

The firm generally does not charge extra for travel time or disbursements anywhere in Canada whenever possible, and any charges that are required are tightly controlled and quoted in writing in advance so that client billing is always transparent. The firm operates a highly technologically connected and mobile practice to effectively and competitively provide you with legal services regardless of your geographic location. 

No matter where you are located in Canada or overseas, we guarantee you a close and responsive solicitor-client relationship built through a combination of advanced technology and personal service. We tend to get on best with clients who want quick responsiveness and knowledge, but who rather than always dealing through face to face meetings are fine with a combination of teleconference, email, Skype, online document collaboration, and occasional face to face contact. 

We welcome any questions you might have about how we might assist you, and the kind of working relationship we can build. 

Office Locations and Contact Details


Alexandria, Ontario (1) Gordon S. Campbell, Matthew MacLean & William G. Stephenson - 8 St. George Street West, Alexandria, Ontario, K0C 1A0

Nancy Hamelin - Lead Civil, Criminal & Administrative Clerk -

Yael Benyair - Lead Immigration Law Clerk -

Julie St-Pierre - Lead Family, Estates & Corporate Law Clerk -

Phone: 613-363-6646 | Toll Free 1-855-363-6646 Fax: 1-888-883-3069 

Lancaster, Ontario - Gordon S. Campbell, Matthew MacLean & William G. Stephenson - 160 Military Road North, Lancaster, Ontario, K0C 1N0

Jill Lutz - Lead Real Estate Law Clerk -

Phone: 613-363-6646 | Toll Free 1-855-363-6646 

Fax: 1-888-883-3069

Cornwall, Ontario (by appointment only) - Gordon S. Campbell, Matthew MacLean & William G. Stephenson - 14 Third Street East, Cornwall, Ontario K6H 2C7

Phone: 613-363-6646 | Toll Free 1-855-363-6646 

Fax: 1-888-883-3069




Alexandria, Ontario (2) Pierre Aubry - 40 Main Street North, Alexandria, Ontario, K0C 1A0

Meg Flint - Real Estate Clerk - telephone extension #2

Kate McLeod - Wills, Estates & Corporate Clerk - telephone extension #3

Phone: 613-525-1055  

Fax: 613-525-5080