With continually rising real estate values, increasing investment portfolios, and people living longer than ever, creating an effective estate plan and executing powers of attorney and possibly creating trusts are now more important than ever. Having expertise available to resolve later disputes over the validity of those legal instruments may also be necessary. 

How to Protect & Administer Family Patrimony and Estate Assets

Our legal services include a wide gamut of instruments to protect your and your family's assets both before and after death, and to make sure your wishes are implemented even if you no longer have the capacity to do so. We'll discuss in detail with you all the legal options available to best implement your plans, and suggest which options would be the most effective. 

We offer:

  • Last Will and Testament Drafting, including wealth planning and asset protection, trusts, multi-jurisdictional wills and probate fee minimization strategies

  • Continuing Powers of Attorney for Property Drafting

  • Powers of Attorney for Personal Care Drafting

  • Trust Creation, including Family Trusts and Special Needs Trusts

  • Estates Administration, including gathering and payment of debts, obtaining of tax clearance certificates, securing releases and distributing assets to beneficiaries, and final windup of estate

  • Court Estate Applications, including Applications for Appointment of Estate Trustee With or Without a Will

  • Dispute Resolution and Litigation Concerning Wills, Estates & Powers of Attorney, including defence of and challenges to Estate Trustees, Capacity and Undue Influence in Wills

The Wills, Estates, Powers of Attorney & Trusts Lawyers

Matthew MacLean and Pierre Aubry practice as wills, estates, power of attorney (POA) and trusts solicitors, helping clients with the the planning, organizing, drafting and administration needed to ensure that their assets are protected and utilized according to their wishes both during and after their lifetimes.

Gordon S. Campbell and William G. Stephenson practice as wills, estates, POA and trusts barristers, providing clients with firm and effective advocacy and legal representation before the Ontario Superior Court of Justice and Ontario Court of Appeal, as well as in arbitration proceedings and informal settlement negotiations, whenever the validity a will, power of attorney or trust is challenged. Gordon and Karen also assist in disputes with the Canada Revenue Agency arising from taxes owing by estates or beneficiaries. 

Contact Matthew MacLean, Gordon S. Campbell and William G. Stephenson: tel 1-855-363-6646 • fax 1-888-883-3069 • 8 St. George St. West, Alexandria, Ontario • 160 Military Road, Lancaster, Ontario  

Contact Pierre Aubry: tel 613-525-1055 • fax 613-525-5080 • 40 Main St. North, Alexandria, Ontario

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