Although the practice of real estate law has evolved over the last century, what hasn't changed is government requirements that everyone use a real estate lawyer to close a transaction. That lawyer works for you to protect your interests.

Real estate is likely the most valuable item anyone - individual, organization or business - will ever purchase. Your lawyer is there is to shield you from legal difficulties, and resolve those difficulties prior to closing where possible. 

Our Real Estate Law Services Give you Peace of Mind in Buying, Selling or Leasing Property

Our real estate law services include:

  • Residential Real Estate Transactions for Rural, Town and Urban Properties

  • Condominium Transactions

  • Refinancing Transactions

  • Commercial and Government Real Estate Transactions

  • Farm & Agricultural Transactions

  • All Forms of Title Work

  • Commercial Leasing Agreements & Negotiations

  • Dispute Resolution and Litigation Concerning Real Property, including Disputes Over Nuisance (Flooding, Noise, Light, Dust), Trespass, Easements and Ownership

  • Partition and Sale Applications (see for more information)

  • Title Insurance Claims

The firm has particular experience with international clients which compliments its immigration law practice, and with client moving from Quebec to Ontario. 

The Real Estate Lawyers

Our real estate lawyers collectively have a vast experience handling the most complex of transactions and resolving the most vexatious of pre- or post-closing problems.

Pierre Aubry and Matthew MacLean practice as real estate solicitors helping clients with purchases, sales, and leases.

Gordon S. Campbell and William G. Stephenson practice as real estate barristers conducting dispute resolution and litigation, including in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, Small Claims Court, Ontario Court of Appeal and assisting with title insurance claims which might pay your legal fees for you and provide you other compensation when you discover hidden title defects after your real estate transaction has closed.

Contact Matthew MacLean, Gordon S. Campbell & William G. Stephenson: tel 1-855-363-6646 • fax 1-888-883-3069 • 8 St. George St. West, Alexandria, Ontario • 160 Military Road, Lancaster, Ontario   

Contact Pierre Aubry: tel 613-525-1055 • fax 613-525-5080 • 40 Main St. North, Alexandria, Ontario

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