The Federal Court and Federal Court of Appeal have courtrooms throughout Canada that hear challenges to actions or inactions on the part of the Government of Canada and its Boards and Tribunals. Among the decisions you can challenge at the Federal Court or Federal Court of Appeal include:

  • immigration or citizenship decisions from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada or the Immigration and Refugee Board;

  • customs and trade rulings from the Canadian International Trade Tribunal;

  • Income Tax or HST/GST decisions from the Tax Court of Canada;

  • Competition Tribunal decisions;

  • Copyright Board rulings;

  • Indigenous claims decisions from the Specific Claims Tribunal.

Although originally established to hear cases about Admiralty, Intellectual Property, and wrongs alleged committed by the Crown, the majority of the Federal Court's workload has become immigration-related, in part because Canada accepts more immigrants per capita than any other nation on earth.

Most cases start in the Federal Court trial division, however some proceed directly to the Federal Court of Appeal such as for appeals of Tax Court of Canada or Specific Claims Tribunal rulings. 

The Federal Court is a good place to litigate because it permits electronic filing of many documents, the location in which a case is heard can be moved from one court registry to another office, and it's generally a model court of efficiency. However, the Federal Court has its own set of unique rules that practitioners must be well versed in. 

We regularly appear in the Federal Court and Federal Court of Appeal, and can help you with any matter that needs to proceed there. Our commitment to you is a probing evaluation of a decision maker's order, government action (or inaction), or a trial judgment, together with its underlying evidence, a frank explanation of your judicial review, trial or appeal prospects for success, and tireless commitment devoted to the advancement of your case. 

The Federal Court Lawyers

The firm's Managing Lawyer and Senior Barrister Gordon S. Campbell served for many years as counsel at the Department of Justice Canada where he represented Federal interests in the Federal Courts, and now offers that inside understanding of process and arguments to assist private clients. Examples of his recent Federal Court work includes challenges to immigration and citizenship decisions, seizures of goods by government, and employment termination or disciplinary action of Federal Public Servants. 

He is assisted by Barrister Karen Kernisant, and lead litigation law clerk Nancy Hamelin.