Alexandria Courthouse Jurisdiction, Directions & Parking

Located in a renovated grocery store (seriously), the Alexandria Courthouse is a satellite court of the Cornwall Ontario Court of Justice and Provincial Offences Court. It's staffed full time by a court clerk who can accept filings on Small Claims Court matters. Ontario Court of Justice criminal charges and Provincial Offences Highway Traffic matters originating in North and South Glengarry Townships (running from the Quebec border to just east of the city of Cornwall) are often dealt with here. There is one criminal remand day a month, usually on the first Wednesday of the month, where all types of criminal cases (adult/youth/provincial/federal) are dealt with starting at 9 a.m. Judicial pre-trials often follow remands, followed in turn by guilty pleas. This is often a very busy day, so both self-represented accused and lawyers should expect to be stuck in court for a while. 

Take Exit #814 from the Highway 401 and drive north, or take the exit for County Road 34 from the Highway 417 and drive south. Courthouse is just off Main Street, with the sign easy to miss. Look for the Beer Store which sits in front of it. There is lots of free parking. 

Alexandria Courthouse Hours & Setup

Courthouse hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., but with the court clerk's counter closed at  lunch time.

There is currently no security screening of those entering the courthouse.

The entire courthouse is on one level. Walking through the main entrance, all services are to the right. Entering the court area, the clerk's office is to the right, criminal duty counsel offices are both straight ahead and to the left (where you'll also find the single courtroom). Entering through the first set of doors towards the courtroom, the second criminal duty counsel office is on the left, and probation services is on the right. The courtroom itself is through the second set of doors. Duty counsel offices are only staffed one day a month on criminal remand days; for other days visit their main offices at the Cornwall Courthouse which are staffed five days a week. However, the Probation Services in Alexandria is open five days a week for reporting.

Alexandria Ontario Court of Justice & Provincial Offences Court

Tel.: 613-525-4330

110 Main St. North
Alexandria, Ontario K0C 1A0


We May be Able to Accept Your Legal Aid Certificate in Alexandria

We accept Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) Certificates for Alexandria in select cases. Gordon S. Campbell is a member of LAO's Extremely Serious Criminal Matters & Criminal Panels, Immigration & Refugee Panel, Domestic Violence Panel and Ontario Review Board Panel.

Karen Kernisant is a member of LAO's Criminal Law Panel. 

Give LAO either of their names to have a certificate sent electronically direct to our offices. We'll quickly evaluate if we're able to accept it and get back to you.