We Have the Answers to Your Business Law Questions

We can answer all your legal questions concerning the complex law of doing business in Canada, including:

  • What form of business organization is right for me?

  • Should I incorporate? Or should I keep my partnership or sole proprietorship?

  • What kind of shareholder or partnership agreement do I need?

  • Should I draft up my own business contracts? Or should I use a lawyer for contract drafting?

  • How do I buy a business? How do I sell a business?

  • What are my rights as a creditor? What kind of rights do I have as a debtor?

  • What should I do if I need to seek creditor protection or bankruptcy for my business?

  • What kind of business remedies are available from courts? And which court should I be going to?

Business law services offered include:

  • Corporate Law, including incorporations, shareholder agreements & partnership agreements

  • Commercial and Government Contracts, including goods & services purchase and sale agreements

  • Business Purchase and Sale through assets or shares, including franchise agreements

  • Creditor and Debtor Rights, including advice, agreements & enforcement

  • Municipal Law, including powers, procedures, by-laws, & contracts

  • Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law, including advocacy before the Bankruptcy Court

  • Business Litigation, including injunctions, contract performance, ownership & leasing disputes, director and shareholder disputes, labour and employment disputes, damages, and regulatory disputes with government

The Business, Corporate & Commercial Lawyers

Matthew MacLean and Pierre Aubry practice as business, corporate and commercial law solicitors, assisting clients with the drafting, negotiation and registration of business organizations, contracts, and business purchases and sales.

Gordon S. Campbell and Gordon S. Campbell practice as business barristers, representing clients involved in disputes with regulators, governments, customers, partners and suppliers before boards, tribunals and courts throughout Ontario. 

Contact Matthew MacLean, Gordon S. Campbell & William G. Stephenson: tel 1-855-363-6646 • fax 1-888-883-3069 • 8 St. George St. West, Alexandria, Ontario • 160 Military Road, Lancaster, Ontario  

Contact Pierre Aubry: tel 613-525-1055 • fax 613-525-5080 • 40 Main St. North, Alexandria, Ontario

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