What Maritime, Boating & Water Law Means for Ontario

Ontario likely has the greatest numbers of boats, bodies of fresh water, waterfront cottages & residences, and people who use all of those resources of any place in Canada. This means that federal and provincial laws governing movement on, taking of, putting of substances into, access to and building structures in water fundamentally affects all of Ontario's almost 14 million people.

Amount the laws we provide advice and representation to clients for include:

  • Canada Shipping Act, 2001
  • Navigation Protection Act
  • Canada Marine Act
  • Fisheries Act
  • Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999
  • Ontario Water Resources Act
  • Ontario Environmental Protection Act
  • Ontario Environmental Assessment Act

We also assist on negotiations and dispute resolution with Transport Canada, Fisheries & Oceans Canada, Environment Canada, Employment & Social Development Canada's Labour Program, the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, and Ontario Ministry of Labour.

What We Do to Help Clients with Maritime, Boating & Water Law

The firm's focus is on court & tribunal representation and dispute resolution with governments and private parties for maritime, boating, fisheries and water law issues. We help our business, organization, individual, and First Nations clients with their regulatory and court challenges, including vessel operators, marina operators, pleasure boaters, cottage and waterfront home owners, fishermen, and municipalities, with:

  • permitting, licences & regulatory compliance
  • property rights, including riparian rights and permitting to use, take & alter water
  • waterfront cottage access rights, dock and shoreline protection construction, and lake vessel operation
  • inland maritime shipping
  • contract and tort liability, including pursuit & defence of litigation
  • creditor-debtor rights
  • fisheries regulation
  • boat & yacht importation to Canada
  • responding to government information demands
  • civil litigation in the Federal Court, Ontario courts & Supreme Court of Canada
  • defence of regulatory & criminal prosecutions

The firm represents First Nations on navigation rights, hydro-production rights, river, lake & seabed ownership rights, rights to use water resources, and rights to clean drinking water.

Our Expertise in Maritime, Boating, Fisheries & Water Law

The firm has extensive experience with litigation and government relations on maritime, boating, fisheries, water and Indigenous rights issues up to the level of the Supreme Court of Canada.

The firm's Managing Lawyer and Senior Barrister Gordon S. Campbell has served as Eastern Canada's chief federal fisheries and oceans prosecutor, dealt extensively with marine occupational health & safety cases, water pollution cases, navigation hazard cases, fisheries cases, vessel arrest cases, Indigenous fisheries rights cases and all manner of other freshwater and marine maritime, boating and water law matters in Federal and provincial courts up to the level of the Supreme Court of Canada. He's also a veteran of the Royal Canadian Navy.