We serve as lawyers to First Nations, Businesses, Municipal Governments and Organizations on Indigenous & Environmental law matters.

The Environmental & Indigenous Law Canada Dedicated Website and LinkedIn Group

The firm maintains a website dedicated to its Indigenous & Environmental Law Practice where you'll find more details about ways the practice might be able assist you, your organization or your community.

Gordon S. Campbell is the founder and moderator of the LinkedIn Group Indigenous & Environmental Law Canada; if you don't already have one you'll need to register for a free account with LinkedIn and then search for and request to join the group in order to access its content - but Gordon promises to promptly approve your membership. 

Our Indigenous Law Services

  • Claims and Negotiations, including Comprehensive, Specific, Special and Self-Government claims, claims by provincial and municipal governments, and claims asserted by private industry
  • Advice on Rights, including inherent, treaty, title, consultation & accommodation, status & membership, education & child welfare, housing & property rights
  • Governance, including advice and negotiation concerning the Indian Act, Resolutions, By-Laws & Voting, Constitutions & Codes, Employment & Privacy, Policing & Justice, Intellectual Property & Traditional Knowledge, Commercial Transactions & Economic Development
  • Taxation, including advice and dispute resolution on tax exemptions, taxation by-laws, and joint venture structures

Our Environmental Law Services

  • Government Relations & Negotiations
  • Permitting, Approvals and Assessments, including agreement drafting, stakeholder communications & consultations, and representation at assessment hearings
  • Compliance Verification and Enforcement Response, including how to respond to demands for information, inspections, inquiries, search & seizure, and compliance orders
  • Court and Tribunal Advocacy, including injunctions, interventions, defence of regulatory charges, judicial review of government action and civil actions involving negligence, nuisance and statutory breach allegations

The Indigenous & Environmental Law Lawyers

Gordon S. Campbell is the firm's practice leader in Indigenous & Environmental law. He's led numerous multilateral negotiations in Ontario, British Columbia, Manitoba and Nova Scotia that resolved longstanding high value Indigenous claims, contributed to environmental assessments and licensing reviews for pipeline, mining, forestry, fishing, oil and gas, and industrial development, and developed and managed multi-stakeholder consultation and communication programs, advanced additions to reserves, and advised on the establishing legislation and rules for the creation of the Specific Claims Tribunal. He has lectured, trained and developed curricula in Indigenous & Environmental law for universities, the Canadian Bar Association, the Word Bank and Government of Argentina, and is author of several books and articles citied as judicial authority on issues of Environmental law, regulatory compliance verification and enforcement law, and Constitutional law. 

He is assisted by lawyer Matthew MacLean who concentrates on solicitor matters, including those involving real property, planning approvals and economic development, as well as lawyer Karen Kernisant.

The firm law clerk for Indigenous & Environmental law is Yael Benyair.