We understand that small and medium enterprises and private owner/operators have always formed the foundation of the Canadian aviation industry, be they aerodrome operators, scheduled or charter airlines, flight schools, or suppliers of aviation-related goods or services. We also understand the realities of operating within a highly competitive industry subject to a great degree of government regulation. We provide legal services to help all those involved in Canadian aviation prosper, stay safe and stay on the right side of the government. 

Aviation Legal Services that Meet Client Needs

Our legal services include:

  • aviation business formation, incorporation and organization
  • real estate purchase and sale of aerodromes, hangers, manufacturing & maintenance facilities, and offices
  • aircraft, equipment and aviation supplies purchase, sale and leasing contract drafting & negotiations, including airport facility lease agreements, cargo agreements and flight school contracts with domestic and foreign clients
  • employment law, including employment contracts and dispute resolution for flight crew, ground crew, and other workers
  • government licensing for aviation operations, including operating certificates & responding to compliance verification or enforcement actions by government
  • security arrangements for lending and creditor or debtor rights assertion, including bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings and the seeking or defending of emergency injunctive relief to seize aircraft for the payment of debts prior to aircraft departure from the jurisdiction
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) law, including certification and operation
  • personal injury & property damage claims, including total loss of aircraft
  • product liability claims, including claims for maintenance and aircraft components
  • Representation and advocacy before the Transportation Appeal Tribunal, the Transportation Safety Board, arbitration boards, and superior courts of justice, courts of appeal, the Federal Court, the Tax Court, and the Supreme Court of Canada

A Central Location with National Experience

We have particular experience working in northern and remote communities, including with Indigenous peoples operating or using aviation facilities, equipment and services. Our offices are conveniently located close to all Federal regulatory authorities, boards, tribunals and courts, the International Civil Aviation Organization headquarters, and the third-largest aerospace hub in the world. 

We Provide Legal Services that are as Mobile as Clients' Aircraft

We form close and enduring relationships with clients throughout Ontario and Canada by a combination of using of the most advanced legal information communications technology, an ethos of being in constant communication with clients according to their needs, and in-person meetings where geography is not a barrier to quality timely aviation law legal services. 

The Aviation Law Lawyers

Matthew MacLean as the firm's Senior Solicitor provides the contract and lease drafting & negotiation, purchase, sale, real estate, and corporate legal services that aviation businesses, suppliers and users require. 

Gordon S. Campbell as the firm's Managing Lawyer and Senior Barrister handles all dispute resolution and government regulatory aviation matters. He has previously served as legal counsel to Transport Canada, and successfully litigated regulatory cases as high as the Supreme Court of Canada.

Erica Cadogan is the firm's lead Law Clerk for aviation law legal services. 

They are assisted in the firm's aviation law practice by other lawyers, law clerks and students-at-law of the firm.