New Website, New Blog

Now that you're just getting over the winter blahs, surely you're ready for a strong dose of the new Aubry Campbell MacLean (ACM) Blog! Trouble sleeping? Need something to distract you from the cat biting your leg? Well we've got the solution!

The Aubry Campbell MacLean blog will potentially feature contributions from all our lawyers and students, explaining the law in simple (but not simplistic), easy to understand terms.

I'll keep writing The Barrister Brief Blog which will continue to focus on litigation and dispute resolution dos and don'ts, but a lot of those posts will now also appear here. However, you'll also now get a much greater dose of solicitor legal dos and don'ts for things like real estate deals, wills, and business agreements thanks to my colleagues who practice in those areas. Welcome, and happy reading. Videos will show up in the future (I promise, I've even already ordered the studio lighting).