We understand farmers and farming. The firm's principal offices are located in rural Ontario amongst cash crop, dairy, beef & chicken producers, and other agri-businesses. The firm's managing lawyer Gordon S. Campbell resides on a farm. A significant portion of our clients for all areas of law we practice are involved in farming and agri-business. 

How We Help Farmers & Agri-Business Operators with their Legal Needs

Our legal services include advice, drafting, and transactions on:

  • Farmland Real Estate Purchase and Sale

  • Farmland Leases and other Agreements

  • Land Tenure

  • Transactions for Buying and Selling Farms and Agri-Businesses

  • Farm and Agri-Business Organization, including Farm Partnerships, Incorporations & Cooperatives

  • Supply Contracts

  • Commodity Marketing Law

  • Quota Boards and Transactions Law

  • Best Farm Management Practices Law

  • Crop Insurance Law

  • Biotechnology Law

  • Organics Law

How to Solve Family Legal Issues Related to Farms & Agri-Business 

We solve family legal issues related to farms and agri-business through:

  • intergenerational estate planning and transfers of land & farm operations;

  • establishment of partnerships, corporations & trusts that accommodate both family and business needs;

  • farm family separation and divorce.

How to Navigate Government Regulation of Farms & Agribusiness

We are adept at navigating the labyrinth of government regulation that our clients are subject to, including advising on:

  • Federal and Provincial Environmental Regulation

  • Occupational Health and Safety Law

  • Regulatory Compliance Law

  • Normal Farm Practices Law

  • Municipal Tax Assessment Appeals

  • Expropriation Law

  • Flooding, Drainage and Municipal Drains Law

  • Employment and Labour Law

  • Exporting and Importing Farm and Agri-Business Inputs and Outputs

  • Customs and Immigration Law for Farms and Agri-Businesses

    • see our companion website compleximmigration.ca for more information on farm immigration lawyer services in Canada, for Canadian farmers wishing to bring in foreign farmers, or for foreign farmers wishing to come farm in Canada

How to Resolve Private & Government Disputes for Farms & Agri-Business 

We resolve disputes with farm and agri-business neighbours, suppliers, clients and governments, including with:

  • local township, county and municipal governments

  • Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food & Rural Affairs

  • Ontario Ministry of Environment & Climate Change

  • Ontario Ministry of Labour

  • Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

  • Canadian Food Inspection Agency

  • Environment Canada

  • Canada Revenue Agency

  • Canada Border Services Agency

  • legal representation and advocacy before Ontario agriculture marketing boards:

    • Dairy Farmers of Ontario

    • Chicken Farmers of Ontario

    • Egg Farmers of Ontario

    • Turkey Farmers of Ontario.

We provide legal representation and advocacy before Ontario agricultural government tribunals and the courts, including the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Appeal Tribunal, Normal Farm Practices Protection Board, Board of Negotiation and Superior Court of Justice concerning:

  • Agricultural Employees Protection Act, 2002

  • Agricultural Tile Drainage Installation Act

  • Animals for Research Act

  • Animal Health Act, 2009

  • Assessment Act

  • Beef Cattle Marketing Act

  • Commodity Board Members Act

  • Crop Insurance Act (Ontario), 1996

  • Drainage Act

  • Farm Implements Act

  • Farm Registration and Farm Organizations Funding Act, 1993

  • Food Safety and Quality Act, 2001

  • Grains Act

  • Livestock Community Sales Act

  • Livestock and Livestock Products Act

  • Livestock Medicines Act

  • Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Act (appeals of decisions made under the Farm Products Marketing Act and Milk Act)

  • Environmental Protection Act

We also provide legal representation and advocacy before federal agricultural government tribunals and courts, including:

  • Canada Agriculture Review Tribunal

  • Competition Tribunal

  • Canadian International Trade Tribunal

  • Tax Court of Canada

  • Federal Court of Canada

The Farm, Agriculture and Agri-Business Lawyers

Gordon S. Campbell and William G. Stephenson serve as farm, agriculture and agribusiness barristers, offering clients dispute resolution and litigation solutions to problems with government, suppliers, clients, neighbours and marketing boards. 

Matthew MacLean and Pierre Aubry serve as farm, agriculture and agribusiness solicitors, helping clients with purchases and sales of land and businesses, agribusiness contracts, business structures, and advising on government and marketing board regulations.