We offer advice, assistance with applications, and litigation concerning the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and the Citizenship Act. Contact us today to discuss your options. We provide no charge basic case evaluations to inform you of whether hiring an immigration lawyer is worthwhile.

We especially focus on complex immigration and citizenship matters, including tribunal & court representation, appeals and judicial review representation, and solving inadmissibility problems. A more detailed description of our focussed immigration law services and approach can be found at

How to Get Citizenship in Canada

We assist individuals both claiming birthright confirmation of citizenship and applying for citizenship after fulfilling the permanent residency requirements. Although citizenship is supposed to be the easy part of the immigration-citizenship equation, we repeatedly see people have trouble obtaining citizenship because of the zero tolerance for errors or deficiencies policy of Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada in reviewing and approving citizenship. 

You might lack the ideal documents in confirming citizenship, you might be short days in your permanent residency requirement, or the IRCC might be accusing you of an innocent misrepresentation that it nonetheless claims nullifies your application. We advise on how to fix these problems, including pursuing appeals or judicial reviews if necessary, to secure Canadian citizenship. 

How to Get Temporary Status in Canada

We assist individuals with temporarily coming to Canada and businesses and academic institutions with bringing in much needed workers and students from abroad. Our services include:

  • Work Permits

  • Labour Market Impact Assessments (LMIAs)

  • Study Permits

  • Visitor visas for tourists, business visitors, girlfriends/boyfriends and parents

  • Visa-exempt entry to Canada under all categories

Often even if your ultimate goal may be permanent status in Canada, the best path to initially follow towards that goal is to secure temporary status - especially through a work or study permit - which will permit you to accumulate enough extra points to qualify for permanent status. 

How to Get Permanent Residence Status in Canada

Because of the popularity of PNP programs, as well as temporary work and study in Canada programs that enhance your chances of securing permanent residency, there are now a myriad of way to seek PR status in Canada. Our services include:

  • Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) in all provinces

  • Skilled and semi-skilled worker programs including Express Entry

  • Spousal and common-law partner sponsorships, and other Family Class applications

  • Entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals

  • Applications on humanitarian and compassionate grounds

  • Permanent resident card applications and renewals

How to Make a Refugee Claim in Canada

Canada continues to have the highest refugee acceptance ratio of any country on earth. Approximately half of all those who make a refugee claim in Canada are found to be persons in need of protection under the 1951 United Nations Refugee Convention. Our services include:

  • Refugee applications to the Refugee Protection Division of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (IRB)

  • Appeals of refused Refugee applications to the Refugee Appeals Division of the IRB

  • Judicial reviews of refused Refugee applications and related removal orders to the Federal Court of Canada

Gordon Scott Campbell is a member of Legal Aid Ontario's (LAO) Refugee and Immigration: General Panel and Refugee and Immigration: Appellate Panel. If you are located in Eastern Ontario, including Ottawa, Cornwall, Brockville and Kingston, we may be able to accept your Legal Aid Certificate. 

Immigration Lawyers for Tribunal and Court Representation and Advocacy

We've successfully conducted hundreds of trials and appeals up to the level of the Supreme Court of Canada. Our immigration litigation services include:

  • Judicial Review Applications in the Federal Court and Federal Court of Appeal

  • Stays of Removal Orders

  • Appeals of Loss of Permanent Resident Status due to Residency and Other Obligations

  • Appeals of Removal Orders due to Criminal Inadmissibility

  • Appeals of Family Class Sponsorship Refusal

  • Admissibility Hearings

  • Detention Review Hearings (Immigration Bail)

  • Temporary Resident Permits to Overcome Criminal Inadmissibility or other Impediments to Entry

  • Pre-removal Risk Assessment (PRRA) Applications

  • Citizenship Appeals

The Immigration, Citizenship & Refugee Legal Team

The firm's Managing Lawyer and lead of its immigration practice Gordon S. Campbell has served as legal advisor to the Department of Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada and Canada Border Services Agency, represented Canada at United Nations and APEC meetings, and litigated public law cases as high as the Supreme Court of Canada. He focusses on resolving the most contentious cases of the firm, including advocating for clients at IRB and Federal Court hearings, appeals and judicial reviews. He's a member of Legal Aid Ontario's Refugee & Immigration General Panel and Appellate Panel. His family are themselves immigrants to Canada. 

William G. Stephenson works as a lawyer especially dealing with immigration matters proceeding in French (though all the firm's lawyers are bilingual), and has an intimate knowledge of the interpretation of federal statutes and regulations through his prior work as legislative clerk at the House of Commons.

The firm's Lead Immigration Law Clerk Yael Benyair is a graduate of the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, French and English, and is herself an immigrant to Canada from Brazil. 

The Immigration, Citizenship & Refugee Dedicated Website and Facebook Page

The firm maintains a separate website and Facebook page devoted to its immigration practice at and where you'll find immigration to Canada news and analysis, plus more details about our Canadian immigration legal services offered.

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